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Another bunch of web comics

This bunch of web comics are all no more than one degree of separation away from a fairly comprehensive listing of links to werewolf / shapeshifter themed comics I found on the internet, so if these aren't the sort of comics you'd be interested in reading you can consider yourselves warned.

Wereworld actually turned out to be surprisingly good. It's a science-fiction story, about a Starship Trooper who's mutinied, led a revolution, done serious damage to an interstellar civilisation, gone on the run and landed on a planet of shape-shifters. Then the story starts.
It's also Definitely Not For Young People. Not so much because of any one element, but a combination of themes: casual nudity among shape-shifters; a lot of blood, guts and violence; and a lot of talk about sex, even though there are only a handful of actual bedroom scenes and nothing I find particularly "objectionable".
The style and presentation are sometimes refreshing, sometimes annoying: at the start is a huge text info-dump delivered as full pages of text on .JPGs. The art and story are very much a Talented Amateur production - the art is mildly manga influenced, but not excessively so. The plot starts off reasonably slowly (after the huge info-dump is dealt with), but develops well and the storytelling started off good and has become excellent.
A couple of years back (as the archives trawl meanders) the tone took a slow turn for the grimmer, with some carefully timed revelations about a couple of main characters, and there has also, unfortunately, been a substantial increase in time between updates. However the story is showing no signs of being close to over just yet. There are still a lot of questions to be answered (and the writer has shown himself to not be averse to explaining some of the more unusual aspects of the story, so there's an expectation that other questions will be answered). Overall this would have to be about my favourite of the comics I'm reviewing today.

Peter is the Wolf suffers greatly in comparison with Wereworld on practically all counts. There's a minor plot going on here, but most of the story is Teenagers Getting It On Non Stop. Almost nothing is left to the imagination (even in the "General" version). The art is very professional looking, but also extremely heavily manga influenced. I gave this one a good try but couldn't really care too much about the characters (most of whom are somewhat annoying); it's probably only because it's a werewolf story that it makes the grade at all, and even so it's in the "marginal" category along with comics such as Ctrl+Alt+Del.

She-Wolf, the Canine Crusader appears to be a web archive of old school newspaper comic strips, with a well done if fairly standard comic story. It's also showing its age: these days, nobody remembers The Bunnymen. Unfortunately. The same creator's Heroine Club Four appears to have started, introduced its characters on splash pages, published three weekly instalments of a story... and then been abandoned.

Quite a few of these comics only have a short run under their belt, and consequently there's not a great deal I can say about them. Black Forest is an interesting story that's starting off well enough so far, and the same could be said for Ookami Shiro, Unknown and Medusa's Moon. Outcast is so far shaping up to being an interesting take on the story, with distinct Oliver Twist undertones. Stupid Moon (caution: contains nudity) is readable but undistinguished. Henry and Patrick (from the same creator as Werewolf Richard) is readable but suffers from an annoying user interface (there is no fixed page for the most recent comic; I have to link to the main index).

Last up is Were|Wolf (the typography seems to be variable; it's not clear what the intersecting character is from various renditions of the comic's title. If anyone's got any good reason for it not to be a "pipe" I'd be interested in knowing them). This starts off more originally than most, with a police dog seemingly a secret shape-shifter. However the story hasn't got very far, and the site design is possibly the most user-hostile I've seen in a web comic - so much that I rarely check it for updates because, to find the most recent page, I have to browse through an entire chapter until I find it!
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