Daveosaurus (southerndave) wrote,


Finally managed to get some photos somewhere useable of The Family's latest acquisition.

An original SORD M23 from some time around 1982.


The Beast itself. It's so old that it isn't even in a normal looking configuration for a computer... the guts of the machine was under and behind the keyboard, and a short wide ribbon cable linked it to the disk drives. The screen was green monochrome. As with the M68, its standard sound was a pathetic sounding "bleep", but, unlike the M68, it was possible to program it to "play" other "notes" in BASIC using the command "CALL#14" (or something like that). I vaguely recall programming the machine with a routine that convinced the top two rows of the keyboard to work as if they were a piano keyboard. Not sure whatever happened to that disk... it's probably long lost.


And, lo and behold, it actually runs! Well, sort of. About as well as the surviving M68 does, anyway.
Tags: computers, dinosord

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