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Mission accomplished (hopefully)

Well, with a hell of a lot of help from d_h and from Takyoji, I think I've finally got That Blasted Web Page (1) the way I want it to look and (2) not throwing up any errors when I run HTML-Tidy over it.

* thud *

So, anyone who thinks I could do better with the design and this means you, drealkulit, is welcome to tell me what I can do to make it look better. (The only things extra I think I'm going to need soon will be (1) a way of forcing tables to not get any wider than the first row - so that the images in the image tables won't be forced apart by text below them, let the text scroll instead; and (2) some way of programming a contact page (which I have been sending emails to domain owners about already).

Now for something completely different. I have just been given a link to the ugliest web site ever. How bad? If My Space was AOL, then this site would be Web TV. It's that bad. My old web site looks better than that. (Note: site does not contain offensive images but, even so, it's not recommended to anyone prone to any sort of seizures or migraines. It also apparently crashes Firefox on some systems, so make sure you don't have anything open you don't want to have to close).
Tags: i suck at html, internet: my web site, wtf
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