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Comic thoughts

A while back I found out second- or third-hand that Rob Liefeld was going to be doing a Bible comic. Some amusing snark was being had about the character designs (I may have joined in a time or two). But I actually thought it wasn't that bad an idea; an artist I have no interest in supporting, creating a comic I'd have no interest in reading? It sounded the perfect solution from my point of view. Two bad ideas rolled together into one comic for me to happily ignore.

Last week I went into the comic shop and noted down what I wanted from the March "Previews". And, lo and behold, there's another Young Avengers series coming out. And the story is by Paul Cornell. Now people familiar with my thoughts on Paul Cornell and on Young Avengers would not be at all surprised by the speed with which I scribbled down on the paper that this was A Definite Comic To Get.

This fairly much demonstrates my point though. I would much rather have the opportunity of having a Paul Cornell Young Avengers and a Rob Liefeld Bible comic in "Previews", than have a Paul Cornell Bible comic and a Rob Liefeld Young Avengers. I'd rather buy one good comic than two mediocre ones.
Tags: comics: young avengers

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