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New Zealand Music Month - Dave's Ramblings — LiveJournal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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New Zealand Music Month [May. 1st, 2009|09:33 pm]
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So, again, it's New Zealand Music Month. This year, instead of my usual gripe about record companies not making the bloody stuff available (you can just take said gripe as read, written, whatever...), I've had a bit of a hunt through You Tube, and through my own CD collection, to find some of the most interesting stuff there is around the place. I'm hoping to get at least one item up each day.

I'm a novice to this whole embedding of You Tubes lark, and not all that sure as to the etiquette of doing so; if anyone would rather I put this stuff under a LJ-cut, please let me know.

Anyway, first up are (as always) the Bats. This song is Smoking Her Wings, from their 1989 (or thereabouts) album The Law of Things, and is also available on their "greatest hits" CD Thousands of Tiny Luminous Spheres. On this album, the regular Bats (Robert Scott - guitar, vocals; Kaye Woodward - guitar; Paul Kean - bass; Malcolm Grant - drums) are joined by guest violinist Alistair Galbraith.


[User Picture]From: baphnedia
2009-05-01 09:47 am (UTC)
My god, ye be alive!!1!
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[User Picture]From: southerndave
2009-05-01 09:59 am (UTC)
Yeah, I'm still kicking... mainly a bit overstressed (off-line stuff) and a bit pissed off (mainly with myself for not putting my foot down and knocking heads together (while mixing and mangling as many metaphors as possible) back when all this on-line stuff started getting out of control) but it takes more than that to burn me out (if I was that easily burned out, it would have happened back in `04 when I started doing two people's full-time jobs for a single pay packet).

I was actually thinking of you when I put this video up... Alistair Galbraith is a regular guest-violinist-for-hire and has played with quite a few South Island bands, including his own band (The Rip) and done some solo work (very experimental in nature). He plays on a lot of songs on The Law of Things; on one song ("Ten to One") he manages to create some very, very strange noises.
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[User Picture]From: baphnedia
2009-05-01 10:03 am (UTC)
Coolness, and thanks for the link. It's 3am here... and I should fall asleep, like a few hours ago. :)

Oh, and as for the drama, it seems to have been snuffed out, but I'm not convinced yet. Mostly, been posting on Paradice. Couldn't go all the way and write that other forum off... but I've only made the one post since my overstated 'departure'.
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[User Picture]From: southerndave
2009-05-01 10:22 am (UTC)
I haven't written the place off, but probably won't be back for a while... I might get caught up with a few other overdue projects (such as that blasted web site). Anyway I left them a short but pungent note so nobody should be worrying unduly about me...
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From: cajetan65
2009-05-04 08:12 am (UTC)

My fave AG memory was...

Alistair Galbraith, his then-squeeze (this is probably close to fifteen years ago) and I were ensconced on an island in the middle of Otago Harbour - actually closer to Portobello than Port...

Anyhoo the three of us were sharing a hip-flask of Hone Tuwhare's whisky (it was Wilson's, but hey) - and going around the circle either singing or reciting. Hone asked me to teach him Dusty Springfield's "You Don't Have To Say You Love Me".

Surreal.. He probably liked its Italian-ness. For all I know, Dusty herself may be instructing him in the nuances in the hereafter...

And a (probably now-long deceased) sheep owed its start in life to Hone donating his jersey to the cause of keeping the particular little blighter warm.

Haven't seen Alistair since. Hope he's happy.
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