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New Zealand Music Month - Day 7

The problem with relying on You Tube for music is that sometimes it just doesn't have anything from the band you're looking for. The Magick Heads are one such band. I don't know if they ever made any videos (I've certainly never seen one) but there isn't even a video of someone playing a record (I've seen that done for a song that may have had a video, once, but which has probably long since been lost in time), nor the comparatively common collage of random shots of album covers, band photos, reviews, etc. with music played over them.

So I've had to resort to uploading low quality mp3s up onto Send Space. This one is a song called Once Upon A Meeting. On this particular track, the Magick Heads are Jane Sinnott - vocals, guitar; Robert Scott - keyboards; and Jim Strang - drums. Richard Strang also played bass for them, but doesn't appear on this song. Robert Scott is the same Robert Scott who plays in the Bats, and has been in a few other bands over the years - often in multiple bands at once (I think at one point in the `nineties he'd have been in three or four bands at the same time!).

I actually like this song a lot. It's got a catchy little tune, and the lyrics are... interesting. Almost every line is almost a cliché, with emphasis on the "almost"; one or more words in each line - often the last one - is something quite unexpected. One line starts off "you make me feel like running around in..."; the last word is... not the obvious cliché.

Anyway, Once Upon A Meeting is available on the CD "Transvection", released by Dark Beloved Cloud, a record company in Portland, OR, of all places (well, I don't know anything about the place myself, unless it's where the cement comes from, but its postcode certainly looks foreign). The song is also an example of how a good song can survive poor or non-existent production. It appears (from the CD liner notes) to have been recorded in somebody's house in Port Chalmers. And... not wishing to be too mean, but it shows.

And that's enough talk. Now for the song:

Tags: music: magick heads, new zealand music month

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