Daveosaurus (southerndave) wrote,

New Zealand Music Month - Day 12

First: I'll be travelling during the next few days, so might not be able to post instalments some days. I'll try to catch up to the one-per-day average once I'm back in town. In case I do miss out a day, here are some other places you can get your fix of music (either as the main point of the blog or as an incidental extra to each post):
The Doledrums and LJ feed doledrums
The Fundy Post and LJ feed fundy_post
Mysterex and LJ feed mysterex_rss

And now on to some actual music. The Shrugs are, in no particular order, Gordon Bassett, Geoff Doube and Natalie McKelvey. Their most uninformative CD card (it doesn't even have a booklet) doesn't say who does what, but does blame Geoff Doube for this particular song:


It's a good one. How good? When I first heard Snow and Lightning on the radio a few years ago, I started hunting for anything this group had ever done. Three or so CDs later I don't regret it.

Song is available on the CD "A Slight Hitch" through Powertool Records.
Tags: music: shrugs, new zealand music month

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