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New Zealand Music Month - Day 13

For the last couple of decades Jordan Luck has had this act of being the country's oldest teenager. But, behind the act, not only is there some quite good songwriting but also a hell of a lot of old-fashioned hard work, not to mention the ability to set his mind on something and then just go ahead and do it. (My favourite Jordan Luck story is the one about when the rest of the Exponents made a bet that he couldn't stay off alcohol for a whole year. He won the bet.)

The Exponents (formerly the Dance Exponents) have had a string of hits in this country, but "Grassy Knoll" - probably their best album - didn't make much impact. This might have been because of its altogether more "difficult" sound and less jaunty atmosphere than its highly successful predecessor "Something Beginning With C".

House of Love, the first single off the album, wasn't much of a success either (it didn't even make it onto either of their "greatest hits" collections, unlike the follow-up single, the almost as good Like She Said), and the video is a bit "naff", but for all that it's my favourite of their singles.

At the time this album was recorded, the band were in somewhat of a state of flux (their guitarist and bass player having just left), and the "official" line-up on the CD were: Jordan Luck - vocals; Dave Dobbyn - guitar; Brent Williams - guitar; David Hemmings - bass; Harry - drums.

This, most annoyingly, is another "disabled" video. I can only link to it, here:

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