Daveosaurus (southerndave) wrote,

New Zealand Music Month - Day 15

Tonight's video is also partly in lieu of the long-delayed write-up I've been promising DK for a long time now about local women in rock.

Sharon O'Neill started off her musical career with a sort of girl-next-door image, which over a few years developed into a smart, tough, no-nonsense girl-next-door image. This song, Physical Favours, was a decent sized hit for her in the mid to late `eighties, when (and I'm not sure if this song was written beforehand or at the same time) she was having trouble with her record company. It's not the first two-finger-salute-to-The-Man ever recorded; neither is it the most aggressive - Cold Chisel, for one, have out-done this on both counts - but it's a good, no-nonsense song that's well worth a listen.

I have no idea who the musicians are on this track (and her greatest hits CD isn't any help either).

Tags: music: sharon o'neill, new zealand music month

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