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New Zealand Music Month - Day 18

Tonight's You Tube has got snippets from two bands from the late `sixties (at less than three minutes between them it's obvious that a lot has been missed out... particularly from the first track).

The Fourmyula were: Wayne Mason - rhythm guitar, organ, vocals; Carl Evenson - lead singer; Ali Richardson - bass guitar, vocals; Martin Hope - lead guitar, vocals; and Chris Parry - drums. Back in the late `sixties, when they were active, bands which recorded mostly original songs were quite a rarity... and bands which actually sold mass quantities of said originals were practically non-existent. The Fourmyula were about the only band that made a habit of doing so at the time.

There's a story, often told about songwriters (I've most recently heard of it told about Martin Phillipps of The Chills) that they get themselves a hold of a "how to write pop songs" book and proceed to write huge smash hit songs with what they've learned. This story got told about the Fourmyula in John Dix's book Stranded in Paradise (which was for quite a while the book on New Zealand rock music, mainly because it was the only book on New Zealand rock music) which, the eagle-eyed may notice, was published years before the Chills released Heavenly Pop Hit, about which the story was told in relation to them... In relation to The Fourmyula, that story is told about Wayne Mason and Ali Richardson, and is just about credible (except for the obvious quibble about how a book on how to write what was then quite a new style of music - this is the 1960s we're talking about - could be found in Darkest Flattest South Island).

On their collected CD "The Very Best of The Fourmyula" the originals are mostly better than the handful of covers collected with them (luckily whatever it was that possessed them to write songs about ice cream vans departed fairly quickly). The (half a) song on this clip is Otaki, recorded at a time that the band were branching out into less "tame" pop music and more into a late `sixties hard rock sort of style.

The Avengers (Clive Cockburn - guitar, organ; Dave Brown - guitar; Hank Davis - drums; and Eddie McDonald - bass), on the other hand, weren't really an originals band at all. Some of their songs were written by Clive Cockburn, and others by Chris Malcolm, a friend of the band, but, apart from Malcolm's Everyone's Gonna Wonder, the band's best half dozen or so songs are covers.

This song, Love, Hate, Revenge, from the CD collection "Electric Recording", is one of those covers (and has in turn been covered by the Terminals). It's a nice little pop song, all about doing nasty things to people with voodoo. Enjoy.

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