Daveosaurus (southerndave) wrote,

New Zealand Music Month - Day 22

As Murphy's Law would have it, it wasn't until last night - two thirds of the way through the month - that I found a huge stash of music videos, many of which aren't available on You Tube. This is a project the Film Archive have running: they're looking for ratings of a hundred representative samples of a collection they describe as "thousands of music videos". (Record companies, try not to stampede too hard to get them licenced for DVD release, OK? A couple of DVDs a month would be choice, though).

Anyway, as a counterpoint to yesterday's gleefully fake 1970s, here's the real thing. During the entire decade, local musicians managed to create one (1) huge disco hit, but it was a good one. I Need Your Love, by Golden Harvest, features: Kevin Kaukau - lead guitar; Gavin Kaukau - guitar; Eru Kaukau - bass guitar; Mervyn Kaukau - drums; Karl Gordon - vocals. Yes, the video looks 1970s (and not in a good way) but the music's fun.

Unfortunately these videos can't be embedded, but there are viable links to the pages you can find them on:

Tags: music: golden harvest, new zealand music month

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