Daveosaurus (southerndave) wrote,

New Zealand Music Month - Day 31

I have been having lots of ideas of something awesome to put up for this, the last day of New Zealand Music Month. I was really trying to find something by the Terminals: preferably something I haven't annoyed everyone with already (and finding that Last Visible Dog had Coasts of the Shrunken up on their web site as a sample made it a prime contender); but one of last night's events derailed all that.

While hunting for something suitably in-bad-taste (and preferably glam or hair metal) with which to annoy a friend, I found something I remembered as not being all that bad. It actually turned out to be not just better than I remembered... but actually really good.

Push Push were the silliest group ever to take their name from a set of double doors. Their first single, Trippin', was something of a bogan anthem for a while and sold a spectacular number of copies. Their second single, Song 27, was actually a good song (much to everyone's surprise) but didn't do as well. After another single and an album (which goes for ridiculous prices on Trade Me, which is why I still don't have a copy), the group gave up, leaving their frontman to go into TV as a roving all-purpose nuisance.

Here is the video for Song 27, which looks like the band spent all their royalties from their first single paying for the filming of, and features: Andy Kane - lead guitar; Silver - guitar; Steve Abplanalp - bass; Scott Cortese - drums; and the (thankfully) one and only Mikey Havoc on vocals. Hair metal was often sillier than this, but seldom this much fun.

Tags: music: push push, new zealand music month

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