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Last week's earthquake: Puysegur Point is now a whole foot closer to Australia. Which means that, if we get an earthquake as big as that one every year for the next five thousand years or so, Puysegur Point will be a whole mile closer to the West Island.

Weird goings on in Fiji: Now the Army are rounding up the Methodists. Again: They certainly aren't the only group who get up to weird sort of stuff behind closed doors, and they're not doing anybody any harm while they're dressing up in silly outfits or whatever it is they do in their Churches. I have no doubt that, somewhere or other, some crass person is making a book on who the next group to be rounded up will be. If I was a betting man I'd guess the Muslims, because (1) most of this century's anti-semites have transferred their irrational hatred to the Muslims, and (2) I don't think there are any Gypsies in Fiji.

Joy Division covers: All one of you who reads my Blip will have seen me grouch about the best Joy Division cover I've seen lately not being available on that medium (which is why I had to settle for second best: an admittedly cool steel drum band version of "Transmission"). So here it is back on the normal internet: Graeme Jefferies and Gregory Alexanyan, live, in concert, in Moscow, performing "Atmosphere".

Tags: music: graeme jefferies and gregory alex, shaky isles, wtf
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