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On this Journal (being an example of the type of interpersonal communication colloquially known as a "Blog"), it is likely that, from time to time, the Author of this Journal (being a person colloquially known by login names or screen names including, but not limited to, "Dave", "Southerndave", "Midnight", "Daveosaurus", "Oh no, not that bastard again", "Who the hell is this anyway?", and others, but who shall for the purposes of this Notice be referred to heretofore as "Dave") and persons commenting on this Journal (being people colloquially known as "Friends of Dave" or "Innocent Passers-By", but who shall for the purposes of this Notice be referred to heretofore as "Commenters"), will make posts and/or comments which could be interpreted as critical of the Government of the day, and the utterings of its members by way of policy documents, speeches and general shenanigans.

The Author would like to reassert on behalf of himself and his Commenters here that this is neither explicit nor implicit consent to release any private information about the Author or his Commenters that is held by any government agency, minister’s office, local government organisation, political party, or any other person, organisation or agency, whether they be domiciled in New Zealand or in any other country, hemisphere, planet, solar system or plane of physical or mental reality.

For the purposes of clarification this non-consent includes, but is not limited to, the following information:
* beneficiary status or history;
* family status or history;
* accident compensation status or history;
* health status or history – including information held by District Health Boards, PHOs (whatever the farnarkle they are), central government agencies and private providers whether directly or indirectly contracted by the state;
* interactions with justice or law enforcement – including complaints, interviews, interactions, documents supplied, speeding tickets, requests for directions and sole charge rural policemen phoning up because they want a bit of a natter;
* employment status or history;
* any grants applied for or received, whether they be governmental, non-governmental, local-governmental or just plain mental;
* tax payments, status or history;
* which women are lusted after by the Author, and which women or men are lusted after by his Commenters, be they real, fictional or working in Hollywood;
* any typographical or grammatical errors the Author or his Commenters may make or have made;
* any opinions about any comics or web comics the Author or his Commenters may be reading, and
* any other opinions the Author or his Commenters may have that has been inadvertently omitted from this list.
In addition the Author would like to restate that posting or commenting here does not give implicit or explicit consent for any private information held about the Author or any Commenter to be used for a purpose other than the purpose for which is was supplied. This non-consent includes, but is not limited to, the reuse of personal information for political purposes.

(This Notice has been adapted almost beyond recognition from the original, posted by Anita at Kiwipolitico.)
Tags: fuckwits, politics

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