Daveosaurus (southerndave) wrote,

More dodgy stuff

I got opinion polled again this morning. UMR Research decided that they wanted to know What I Thought About Things and phoned me up to find out. So, as usual, I told them exactly what I thought about things (which probably screwed their statistics up somewhat) and said things about politicians that would probably have the poor babies crying into their heavily taxpayer subsidised meals if they ever heard what it was that I'd said about them.

So far, so good. But there was something rather tricky going on with the questions (which I pointed out to the poll taker, who has no doubt consigned my opinions of his company's honesty to the circular file). For a while, the survey alternated between statements which they asked me to rate from 1: strongly support, to 5: strongly oppose; and statements which they asked me to rate from 0: strongly oppose, to 10: strongly support. Considering that a lot of what they were asking me if I had a favourable or unfavourable opinion of were either politicians (after I'd answered, I tended to get follow up questions like "Are you sure that you wouldn't trust that nice Mr. John Key not to sell his own grandmother's soul if it meant a quick buck for him?", or words to that effect) or power companies (after I'd answered, I tended to get follow up questions like "Are you sure that Contact Energy are a parasitic bunch of bloodsuckers who should all be the first up against the wall when the revolution comes?", or words to that effect), it looks a lot like whoever paid them to do the poll in the first place wanted the end results to indicate that the politicians and power companies in question Aren't Really All That Bad, All Things Considering.

Yeah, the next time I see anyone whinging about how Barack Obama is the Devil Incarnate and Hillary Clinton is the Witch Queen from Hell, I'd be so tempted to invite them to swap the two of them for Double Dipton and the Sub-Prime Minister...
Tags: false advertising, fuckwits, politics
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