Daveosaurus (southerndave) wrote,

Music from 1981 in the weirdest of places

I think somebody of my generation is in charge of music at one of the TV advertising agencies out there. My reason for thinking that is that I saw the latest TV One promo tonight. Matched to various snippets of the shows they're showing, the background music is... "Atmosphere". By Joy Division. Sounds very much like the original recording, even.

This is probably the most incongruous use of music I've seen since... a couple of weeks ago, when I saw another ad on TV (I forget what it was for) where they used as the backing music a very sweet, nice, tinkly tune that I realised, a few bars in, was note for note the same tune as "Tally Ho". Yes, that "Tally Ho". All I can say is, a Scott and a brace of Kilgours had better be getting a nice royalties cheque for that use of their music...
Tags: music: clean, music: joy division, surrealism
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