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Back a few months ago when this whole "gay marriage" debate was going on, one of the popular comparisons to point out was with laws against miscegenation (which seem to have mostly disappeared by now, and, what do you know, the world hasn't ended after all. Funny that.) Of course this was framed more as a "look what other bizarre stuff people used to think would Destroy The Very Fabric Of Society and all that" commentary, because it's not the sort of thing any person in their right mind would actually believe any more (it is telling that even back when I still read Usenet - which my then provider finally dropped some time about eighteen months ago, and my current provider has never offered in the first place - only a tiny handful of loud-mouthed, content-free Usenet trolls bothered about "white superiority" and the "evils" of racial dilution).

Until earlier this week. I was really hoping that this would turn out to be a hoax. No such luck. I've seen it posted, referred to and linked to by enough reliable sources (friends, Boing Boing; even Wikipedia mentions it in their entry on "miscegenation").

So much Fail. He even trots out the old "I'm not a racist. I just don't..." line.

It's "for the children", of course. Because, in his bizarre universe, in-breeding isn't as bad for children as out-breeding is. Because a child of an inter-racial couple might end up growing up and going into politics. And then where would people be?
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