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More Terminals videos

While idly browsing You Tube I just found out that someone had made a couple of videos of songs by the Terminals, so thought I may as well let everyone know about them. I've also added the two Terminals items on You Tube that I already know about (may as well have everything in one place).

I Saw My Ghost is an uncharacteristically quiet song of theirs, the closer from their latest CD, Last Days of the Sun.

Do the Void is almost a complete opposite in style; there is almost a Dead C quality present in the music (possibly not all that surprising due to the single having been their first release on Xpressway Records). It's also one of their rarest recordings, although it's now available on the reissue of Little Things through Last Visible Dog.

Days of Silver, from a live recording filmed earlier this year, is apparently a new song of theirs (at least it's not on any of their records or CDs that I've ever managed to find). Hopefully this means that more studio recordings will eventually happen (and that there won't be a twelve year gap between releases like there was between the last two!)

To the best of my knowledge, Uncoffined (from their first album, of the same name) is the only official video the Terminals have ever released. (I don't know whether whoever made the first two videos here is one of the band or just a fan - the You Tube profile page only gives his first name, which is the same as the first name of the group's bass player (and producer of this video, if I remember correctly), but it's hardly an uncommon first name...

And if anyone's interested in finding out more about this band and their music, most of their CDs are available from Last Visible Dog somewhere in America.

NEW MATERIAL (copied and pasted from its own entry):

Found another Terminals "video" on You Tube. This is one of those "for values of the variable 'video' which include 'a still of the CD cover with the music playing in the background' " "videos". The song quality makes up for it... this is the first track on their 2007 CD Last Days of the Sun, one of the standout tracks on what is quite possibly their best CD yet.

The higher quality sound version (which I don't know how to embed) is here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XcSG7vx2yw0&fmt=18

And now a bunch of songs from Touch (about a third of the album!)

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