Daveosaurus (southerndave) wrote,

More computer grumbling

I'm probably going to have to give up on the idea of using that blasted cigarette lighter to try to load Ubuntu onto my machine. I don't know if something's wrong with the cigarette lighter, or if something (else) is wrong with the machine itself, but nothing I've tried seems to have worked. All that happens when trying to boot off the wretched thing is that hitting F12 (or whatever) gives me the option of booting off it, I select it and hit the return key and it just carries on into Windows anyway, and then spends three or four boot cycles whinging about how somebody plugged an unreadable cigarette lighter into it.

So it sounds like I'm going to have to just take it with me the next time I visit Dunedin, see if it's still readable by an actual Linux machine, and if so, assume that it's just Not Going To Work. It's annoying that downloading and burning one of those Linux Live CDs that Ubuntu does and that I keep on hearing about isn't a practical option (I don't keep blank CDs and have never used my burner due to not having even the vaguest idea how to use it; and that even people I know who do know how to use them are really good at making coasters). I had my hopes up when seeing that the latest PC World DVD had the Ubuntu logo on it, but then it turned out to be just a tester outer sort of thing for running some sort of virtual OS on Windows 7, which, even if I had Windows 7, I'd rather use for running an interesting OS (CP/M68K would be a start... oh to be able to run WP2 on a PC...)

Tomorrow also might be the last time I have a computer handy until the weekend, as I'll be dropping it off to be fixed (again) on Tuesday when all the businesses open up again after the long weekend. It had better be fixed by Friday though as I'll need a going computer to be able to do nanowrimo (my writing technique involves typing out a few hundred words during lunchtime at work, emailing it home to myself, typing up some more at home, saving it all, emailing it to myself at work again, and repeating the process the next day).
Tags: computers: linux, computers: ubuntu, generic grumbling, nanowrimo

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