Daveosaurus (southerndave) wrote,

That time of the year again (so quickly...!)

Yes, it's "annoy your friends by sending them holiday cards that probably won't arrive until Chinese New Year" time again. By now I think most of you know the drill: all comments are screened, if you've shifted house since the last time you got a card from me then let me know where you moved to, etc. etc. etc.

As I'm still seriously caught up with this nanowrimo lark (latest word-count: a handful fewer than 31,000 words in the last 16 days) I might not do anything until the overseas mails close (they close on Monday 23rd this year and I don't even have the stamps yet - the post office are promising a $3 discount on booklets of 10 overseas mail stamps, which means they're the same price as the undiscounted price last year...) but still leave an address just in case. I have last year's addresses in my address book, but don't know where anyone's shifted to in the last year.
Tags: holiday cards
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