Daveosaurus (southerndave) wrote,

Putting the word out

OK... Basically, a friend of mine is looking for a specific type of story and is having difficulty actually finding one. As far as I can tell (having little knowledge even of the tropes of the genre in question) a very basic description of the story would be:

A romance where a disabled gal gets the guy.

More specifically, without a cop-out ending. To quote: "All I want is for her to end up with a guy who, if he were direct enough, could honestly say "I could go it on my own, or find someone else, but I'd rather stay with you." "

What would really be appreciated are stories which don't feature these cop-out endings (quoting again):
1) The gal ends up with no romantic involvement.
2) The gal doesn't settle down with a guy until her handicap has been fixed, so she's no longer handicapped.
3) The gal settles down on a planet where her handicap isn't a handicap at all. (Who cares if you're deaf when every non-deaf human has to wear deafening earplugs to keep the local inhabitants from piercing their ear drums with their loud calls?)
4) The gal finds a guy who has either an odd medical condition or weird alien biology that limits him so he can't "make it" with the vast majority of females. The first or only exception he finds happens to be handicapped, so he courts her.

Any recommendations will be passed on to the appropriate person.

Also, not knowing much about romance stuff myself, I have no suggestions other than something featuring Oracle and Nightwing, if any trade paperback existed featuring those two characters in a decent romantic subplot (Bat-fans assembled: this is your cue to recommend something). So I'm throwing this open to the wider universe.
Tags: request for information
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