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Taking stock

Reports of the resuscitation of my computer appear to be somewhat exaggerated. It's going, but the main problem it's been having hasn't been completely fixed; it's still randomly turning itself off in mid-flight, much to the annoyance of various programs (most notably my email program, which has been corrupting its archive folders fairly regularly; they're fixable, for the most part, but it's a substantial pain in the neck trying to re-create them from backups).

Anyway. While I've been on line today I've had a quick nosey at my journal profile and information page and noticed a few new "friends-of" names I don't recognise.

Firstly: Hi there, nocturnalgds, great to meet you. I assume we've met via Nanowrimo... I haven't managed to finish last year's story yet (despite actually hitting the 50,000 mark in a reasonable - for me - time) due to (1) attacks of Real Life, and (2) serious computer problems; but I plan on finishing it some time soon. Hopefully this year.

Secondly: Hi there, red5ive and crephoto. Do we know each other from anywhere? Your journals certainly don't look familiar to me.
Tags: computers, generic grumbling, stocktaking

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