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Doctor Who night

Am finally actually able to watch the series without going visiting or trying out various illicit ways of getting hold of the show (since Prime - which doesn't have a good enough transmitter Down South for me to be able to receive it - is now available on Freeview).

Short review: Was a decent, if unspectacular, hour-long episode. The extra twenty minutes or so was fairly disposable and just slowed the story down.

Longer review below (caution: contains spoilers).

Quick way to spoil any real surprise: John Simm in the opening titles.

When things that look like the wind changed while they were half-way through slurping up a spoonful of old-fashioned spaghetti, are having bad dreams, then you know that something is up.

Oh dear. Harold Saxon groupies. Eeeeeek.

"The drums. The never-ending drums." Nasty case of tinnitus there. You probably ought to see a Doctor...

Uh oh, it's the Pensioner Army...

"You look like that bloke. Harold Saxon. The one that went mad."

"Dinnertime!" ... The latest in creepy catch-phrases, but it does seem to lack a certain something when compared with some of the Moffat classics.

Those bounces could begin to look really silly, really quickly.

And the Doctor's now got a pensioner fan-club. Scarier than the Master... "Unhand me!"

Wilfred's talking about knocking four times and my mental stereo is happily completing the phrase "... on the ceiling if you want me..."

It was good to see Donna back in full-scale Stroppy Ginga mode here, even if her target is a mere parking warden... shame she's still been mind-wiped though.

The Doctor seems slightly alarmed by Donna's impending nuptials, though... "She's not going to be called "Temple-Noble" ? Sounds like some sort of tourist spot." "No, it's going to be Noble-Temple."

This voice-over is just about beginning to get irritating.

The Master now has his very own version of Grace before Meals. I'd like to see the reaction if anyone else tried that one.

"There's no noise. It's just your insanity." And the Doctor can hear it too. Scary tinnitus.

"You're not leaving me with her!" " ... Fair enough." I sort of see where Donna gets it from.

... Good grief it's the Chestnut People.

"The Immortality Gate" ... That would actually have been a decent episode title.

"Oh my lord, she's a cactus!" ... Does she look like Meglos to you?

"I'm not an idiot!" ... You just roped in the Master to help fix up something technical. You certainly aren't running on a full tank, are you?

"It mends whole planets." "It transmits the medical template across the entire population." So that explains why all space aliens all look the same. And... All together now: "Are you my mummy?"

... There are now six thousand million Masters. Uh, and Oh, people...

"Breaking news: I'm everyone!"
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