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... I can honestly say I didn't expect THAT

So, a few days (or maybe more) ago, I was having a look to see what other Painters and Dockers videos were available on You Tube. One of them actually turned out to be quite good indeed:

And I was also looking them up on Wikipedia to see what the band were doing now. The results were something I didn't expect at all. For quite some time now, a couple of them have been part of the Australian / East Timorese reggae/ska/hip-hop group the Dili Allstars:

And it looks like the main reason for this connection is that Tony Stewart, brother of Paul Stewart (vocals and trumpet) was one of the Balibo Five - a group of journalists killed by Indonesian forces when they invaded East Timor back in 1975.

But now for something completely different. Don't leave town till you've seen the country - the advertisement that provided the locals with one of the more deadpan catch-phrases of the 1980s (and later).
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