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Doctor Who night

... I really need to find a replacement all-the-Doctors icon at some point now there's another one of them...

Anyway time to note down what I thought of Matt Smith's first episode as the Doctor, and Steven Moffat's first episode as the Producer.

So, it seems that The Eleventh Hour wasn't a Graeme Base adaptation after all. Oh well, it was still fun.

The first thing we see, the Doctor is having serious problems in steering his TARDIS from point A to point B. Although at least he managed not to break Big Ben. He really ought to give the Slitheen some driving lessons.

The new version of the theme tune... isn't all that wonderful. It's a bit too bouncy and chirpy. A bit more menace could perhaps be a good thing.

Once the episode proper starts going, my first thoughts are: An oddly alien man, a creepy little girl, torches being shone everywhere and a crack in reality with voices coming out of it... we've walked straight in to an episode of Sapphire and Steel, haven't we?

... Amy is even younger than I thought she'd be...

"Am I people? Do I even look like people? Trust me, I'm the Doctor."

... That wasn't five minutes. For a start, it's now the middle of the day. ... Oh, and was that a cricket bat? Oops. Doctor should have been looking behind himself...

A whole hospital ward full of people are saying "Doctor..." ... So when are they going to start saying "are you my mummy?" ?

"Do I just have a face that nobody listens to?"

"Twelve years!"
"Cricket bat!"
"Twelve years!"
"Cricket bat!"

"I'm the Doctor. I'm worse than everybody's aunt! ... And that's not how I'm introducing myself..."

"Don't worry. I've commandeered a vehicle."

"Who da man?" ... ... [complete silence] ... ... "All right, I'm never saying that again."

"Did he just save the planet from aliens and then bring them all back again?"

Nice sequence of all the previous Doctors appearing on the hologram globe. "I'm the Doctor. Run."

The new TARDIS is a lot more stylish than the Eccleston / Tennant one. Less industrial and more steampunk. Love the typewriter.
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