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Doctor Who night

And it's Illogical Advertising Promotional Spot Theatre again. Tonight's one is one of those tedious "you lot all drink too much" ads. The punch line: "You should ease up on the drink." Well, Mr. Advertising Spot Actor, you should maybe ease up on the food. And I'm not being sizeist, because I'm the same damn size as you, so I know what I'm talking about...

So, we have a floating island. Who's paying the royalties to Jonathan Swift's estate, then?

Creepy Little Kids (trademark symbol here). This must be another Steven Moffat story.

"We are observers only. That's one rule I've always kept." And the universe calls out: Yeah, right!

... Rotary dials on the telephones. How 1970s (not in a bad way though).

"Are you a parent?" ... And the Doctor changes the subject very neatly. Sounds like he's had practice dodging that question.

"What are you going to do?" "What I always do. Stay out of trouble." ... Oh, Doctor. Is anyone in the universe still that gullible any more?

"Name: Amelia Jessica Pond. Age: Thirteen hundred and six." And she doesn't look a day over thirty. That's some serious cosmetics.

I notice that the "Starship U.K." logo is in the same style (angular blocks) as the old BBC logo...

"You look human." "No, you look timelord. We were first."

"If this is just the mouth, then I'd love to see the stomach." ... "But not right now!"

"So much for the Virgin Queen. You bad, bad boy!"

Liz Ten is a classic. She may as well have said "I'm the goddamn Queen of England." And in fact I may as well pretend that she actually did; she's kick arse enough.

"You're fifty? No way!" "I slowed my body clock. Keeps me looking like the stamps."

"Protesters and children of limited value are fed to the Beast. But for some reason it won't eat the children." Well, isn't that charming. We know who the real monster here is, now, and it isn't the one with all the tentacles.

"It's always a big day tomorrow. I've got a time machine. I skip the little ones."

"People phone you?" "It's a phone box..."

All in all, this was a good episode, but it doesn't really seem too far different from a lot of the monster-below type stories of the Davies era of the show. It's better made than most of them, but it's still comparable with (for example) "42".
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