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Stuff found on the internet

There's been a couple of notable things on Boing Boing lately.

This is ridiculous; I can't believe anyone is taking it seriously. Someone local claims to have found a "demonic" face carved into half a tinned pear. It's been front page news off and on for the last few days... sample articles here and here. I don't believe it for a minute. The face looks more like a clumsy caricature of a generic Asian than anything else - like one would see on political cartoons of the early 1940s. This is all going on with a background of questions about why the country imports so much from overseas that could be produced here. Personally I don't see the point of pears anyway (my pear-eating experiences could easily be duplicated with insipid, flavourless apples with sand rubbed into them) but the whole thing strikes me as someone who wants their fifteen minutes of fame and they want them now.

This is much more interesting. Without it I'd never have found this, which features prominently the image presented here. This isn't just a map, it's art. Art nouveau, I'd guess; you could just about stick some gold paint onto it and call it a Klimt...

Tags: internet: boing boing, invercargill is the new black, map geekiness, surrealism
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