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Doctor Who night

First another comment on an ad. There is a whole generation growing up who won't get the joke that the two cavemen in the Kai Point Coal ad appear to be called "Mungo" and "Jerry".

Anyway on to the show. The Home Box is an interesting idea. Science fiction gets quite interesting when people think up sensible things to use their way-out technology for.

Graffiti in Old High Gallifreyan? ... "What does it say?" " 'Hello, sweetie' ".

"Follow that ship!"

I've just started thinking that River Song could well end up the Romana of the new series. The Doctor really does, every so often, need a character that won't take any crap from him.

"It's not meant to make that noise. You leave the brakes on." - See what I mean?

"I can run away from anything I like!"

"That... woman... is not dragging me into anything." ... Yeah, right.

"Amy Pond, Professor River Song." "I'm going to be a Professor?"

"Her past. My future. Time travel. We keep meeting in the wrong order."

"Is River Song your wife?"

... The Doctor has started looking scarily like Neil Finn. (Hat tip intheologus who first noticed this a couple of weeks ago).

"I need the Spotter's Guide!" Poor River, not knowing which Doctor is which...

"You're just a recording. You can't move!" ... Looks like nobody told the Angel that. "That which holds the image of an Angel becomes an Angel." ... Good of you to figure that out now, Doctor. And think of all those children at home who are now terrified of their TV sets...

"River? Hug Amy." "Why?" "Because I'm busy."

... I think this is the first time I have ever seen anyone light up a cave by kicking a soccer ball into it.

So, what's River's big secret this time?

... Amy, if you're not fine, don't tell people you are!

"Are we there yet?" ... Some things never change.

It looks like over-eager-trigger-fingered-soldier was right after all.

Every statue is a Weeping Angel... So much for my thoughts of maybe taking a walk around the Northern Cemetery while I'm here in Dunedin... (I did some field work in an old cemetery the day after seeing the original Blink. Never again.)

"We're in the middle of an army and it's waking up." ... Oh shit.

"I didn't escape, sir. The angel killed me too."

"No pressure, but this is when you normally have a Really Cool Idea."

Overall, this episode is something of a return to form for Stephen Moffat. His earlier scripts in this series have been good, but haven't had the sparkle of his previous work. This one has. He may have spent more time developing this one, and if this is the case, the results show it. Even compared with his earlier scripts, this is one of the better ones; it doesn't have the slightly "thin" quality that Silence in the Library / Forests of the Dead had, for example.

Lastly, something to think about... Coming straight after a confrontation with the Daleks, the Doctor pronounces the Angels his most terrifying foes? That's... ever so slightly worrying, that is...
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