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Doctor Who night

Tonight's ad to be commented on is the Vodaphone ad for running out of text messages at an inopportune moment. Those little white figures having showers... look not altogether completely different from little Adiposes. All I need now is for one of them to be waving goodbye.

I like what they're doing with artificial gravity. Not sure how the science behind it is supposed to work, though.

The Angels are now inside the spaceship... Oops.

"I trust this man." "Are you sure he's not some sort of madman?" "... I trust this man."

"It's an oxygen factory." "It's a forest." "It's an oxygen factory. It's a forest."

... Is Amy counting down to something just now?

"We have no need of comfy chairs." ... NOBODY EXPECTS THE WEEPING ANGELS!

"We shall have dominion over all time and space." Yeah, yous and a million other failures.

... And the crack in the wall has reappeared.

"Ah, that's bad. That's extremely very not good." ... Oops.

"I'll tell you something else... Never let me talk." Although the Angels have managed to snag his jacket in passing.

... Now that is creepy. The image of the Angel in her mind is becoming an Angel.

That "base code of the universe" number looks an awful lot like a date in Earth time. 26th June two thousand and something.

"Keep your position, and keep your eyes shut." ... And the first thing I notice is that this far future space knight templar or whatever is speaking in a particularly English accent... that sort of "shuhht" pronounciation of "shut".

... That is way more than a second. So why isn't an Angel making like an Alien and showing up out of Amy?

"Time can be angry". ... Oops.

And now Amy is the only one remembering people who've disappeared. Hello there, time is going haywire...

"I will die in the knowledge that my courage did not desert me at the end." ... Is this guy quoting or something? Sounds like someone's Famous Last Words from quite a different genre of show.

"What is that light?" "The time running out."

So, the choice is between being killed by the Angels and being nullified by the crack in the wall... Ouch.

"A big space-time event should shut it up for a while." "Like what, for instance?" "LIKE ME, FOR INSTANCE!"

Now Amy walking her way, blind, through a minefield of Angels is helluva creepy.

... And now the Angels are moving. Ray Harryhausen, eat your heart out.

"River Song... I could bloody kiss you." "Maybe when you're older." ... Like 900+ isn't old enough?

And after all that build up... it's a routine gravity failure that has the Angels all falling into a crack in the universe like potato peelings down a waste disposal. Although I don't for a minute believe this is the last we've seen of the Angels. After all, they can do enough sneaky little things with time themselves.

"You're a time traveller now, Amy. It changes the way you see the universe. For ever." ... Sounds like the Doctor's finally actually beginning to understand what he puts people through when they travel with him.

I wonder who it is that River killed that's got her in prison in the first place. My guess, so far, is the Doctor. I wonder how he gets out of that one. (Meanwhile, what's running through my mind is "She keeps no secrets from you." Oh, Doctor. You wish.)

"You're running from River. I'm running too." Hmmm... interesting.

Uh... Amy... this is no time to be snogging strange men.

"I'm 907 years old! Do you know what that means?" "... It's been a while?" ... And I'm still sure the Doctor is lying like a rug about his age. I'd guess at least 1200.
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