Daveosaurus (southerndave) wrote,

Doctor Who night

So, is this going to be another "Amy and Rory in the future" episode? At least Amy isn't seriously pregnant this time...

21 kilometres, farther than anyone has drilled into the Earth? I would have thought they'd drilled a lot farther into the Earth during "Inferno". One of these days I really must watch it again and find out.

So Rory has just been mistaken for a cop. That will teach the Doctor to go around the universe in a TARDIS disguised as a police call box... Or not.

"That is breaking and entering!" "I didn't break anything! Sonicing and entering, maybe..."

"The body is gone! How is that possible?" ... Yeah, like nobody has ever been buried in the wrong plot before...

So, the Doctor has just lost Amy to the Things Under the Ground. That's not going to go well for them once he catches them.

"The graves eat people. Devour them whole. Without a trace." ... No, that's just poor record keeping.

"Where's Amy?" "I'll get her back."

I do like that the little kid being dyslexic isn't being made a big deal of. He just is.

"Can't you sonic it?" "It doesn't do wood!"

General thoughts... this new Doctor really isn't in control at all, is he? He's in danger of being remembered as one of the ones that over-promises and under-delivers.

Cold blood... hmmm... are these the Silurians again?

"I'm Amy Pond and you're going to let me the hell out of here or I'm going to kick your backside!"

... And yes, they're the Silurians. And the Doctor even lampshades this whole "no, they're not Silurian, they're Eocene!" debate...

... So, has Old Guy been infected by something? Blood vessels aren't supposed to be that colour.

"It's like this every day for you." "Not every day. Every other day..."

"... Maybe more than a dozen."

And it's a two-parter. Hope there's actually enough plot to this story to last the distance.
Tags: tv: doctor who
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