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Doctor Who night

And tonight's Weird Ad is for a Fujitsu heat pump. "It's New Zealand's favourite air." Funny, I thought New Zealand's favourite air was the traditional nitrogen/oxygen mix. (And thanks, Fujitsu: my mental stereo is now playing "Different Air"...)

Oh no, it's another one with a narrator...

"We come in peace." Fzzzzzzt. So predictable.

"The human female appears to be more resistant to cold than the male." "I dressed for Rio!"

Everyone's promising that things are going are going to be all right... This can not end well.

I've seen these "weapons" before... it looks like the Sea Devils are going to pay us a visit as well.

Bit of a waste of power, tasering the Silurian... She's a reptile. They could have just put her in a fridge to shut her up. (In one piece, though. This is Doctor Who, not an American comic).

"I'm glad you're OK." "Me too."

"Go and play soldiers!" Well, that's her told. Or maybe not...

"There are fixed points in time where things must stay as they are. This is not one of them. This is an opportunity."

"The future of both species relied in our hands..." - And Amy looks exceptionally bored while the other two are negotiating.

"Tell me you didn't do this!" Oh Doctor... so old, but still so naïve...

This time the sonic screwdriver is (in the Doctor's words) "a very deadly weapon". Well, he might be bluffing, but it certainly isn't doing the Silurians' zappers much good...

It's interesting that the Silurians are going back to sleep for another thousand years. This bunch anyway... I'll have to dig into the books to double check (or look it up on the internet somewhere), but I'm fairly sure that the Silurians are back by the 2500s or 2600s... calling themselves "Earth Reptiles" or something suitably non-offensive...

"Other way, you idiot!"

"Doctor, you can't put your hand in there!" "Why not?" ... "Aaaaarrrrggghhh!"

So now the sonic screwdriver is an antidote for the Silurians' zappers? It looks very much like the basic specification for what the sonic screwdriver can do is basically "whatever the writer wants it to do."

So Rory's been zapped completely out of time and space? Wonder if that's going to get followed up on.
Tags: tv: doctor who
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