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Doctor Who night

"Ministry of Art and... Artiness." Come on, Doctor, that's barely even trying.

So, in... France, I presume... a Dutch accent is represented by a Scottish accent. So Amy sounds Dutch in this one.

Poor old Doctor. Far be it from him to stop two gingas discussing hair colour...

"I'd better get you home."
"Where are you staying?"
"You're so kind!"

Now that was a good bit of acting: fighting an invisible monster. Hmmmm... now why is that familiar?

Poor old TARDIS pattern recognition software: it can't cope with Impressionists.

Oh, no. The Doctor is A Morning Person. Not a jury in the world should convict Van Gogh for whatever he's going to do now...

"This is risky."
"Riskier than normal?"

"Ssssshhh! I'm working!"

"Is this how time normally passes? Really slowly? In the right order?" ... Oooohh no, the last thing we need is a bored Doctor.

Interesting that you can see the aliens in a mirror, but not straight on. Wonder how that works.

"Can you breathe a little quieter, please?"

"...In the future, I'm only using this screwdriver for screwing in screws." Yeah, right, like that's going to stick.

... Of course the alien is blind, it's invisible. That's familiar too... wait, this is the same way invisibility worked in The Face of Evil. I'm now getting serious flashbacks to that serial, and it's all the invisible monster's fault. Although I won't be complaining if a woman with a knife, a pair of boots and a leather bathing suit shows up...

Hmmm... that alien has ended up being disposed of fairly quickly, with a quarter of the episode still to go. I wonder what they're going to do now...

I see the TARDIS has been re-wallpapered on the outside...

"How come I'm the crazy one, and you two have stayed sane?"

"Glad to be of help. You were nice about my tie."

... And somehow I don't think that knowing he's going to be famous over a century in the future is actually going to make Van Gogh feel all that better in the long run. It's a nice thought, but people just don't work that way.

"I still don't believe one of the haystacks was in the museum. How embarrassing!"

I think what's actually most notable about this particular episode is that, despite many points where the story could have gone badly wrong, they actually managed to avoid those pitfalls. Amy and the Doctor managed to keep the hero-worship to a minimum, and the long coda, with the Doctor taking Van Gogh to the art museum, was sufficiently carefully done that it didn't end up one-dimensionally trite or embarrassing. Although what I noticed most is that, while Bill Nighy as the art lecturer actually managed to pronounce Van Gogh's name correctly (or, at least, how I was taught it should be pronounced), the actual actor playing him ended up calling him "Van Goff"...
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