Daveosaurus (southerndave) wrote,

Doctor Who night

Back to ordinariness tonight. Not bad, but rather ordinary in most respects.

Amy manages to lose the Doctor seconds into tonights episode. And not even the other way around. This doesn't happen every day.

"I love you."
"Well, that's good, because I'm your new lodger."

"Don't spend it all on sweets. Unless you like sweets."

"Take my to my room!" Very much in the same tone of voice as he would have said "Take me to your leader!"

"Has anyone ever told you that you're a bit weird?"
"They never really stop."

I wonder what's going on. Are these weird upstairs neighbours sucking people into some sort of other dimension or something?

"What could possibly go wrong?" ... Doctor, are you trying to be Jeremy Clarkson?

" ... Is that my toothbrush?"

"Football? ... Yes. Blokes play... football. I think."

"Football's the one with the sticks, isn't it?"

The soccer game is fun. Pure padding out the episode, but fun. Poor old Craig... if he wasn't on the same team, the Doctor would have just sharked him.

... It's a time loop. And this time there's no K-9 to have his tail wagged.

... All right, where did the Doctor get that road cone?

* Holds up a screwdriver. * "Where's the 'on' switch for this?"

"Work out what's keeping you here, eh?" ... Oh Doctor, if they're so impervious to even the most blatant hints that they don't even notice that, do you really want them in a situation where they might breed?

... I don't really want to know what's in that teapot, and I'm fairly certain Craig won't, either.

"You've only been here three days, and they've been the three weirdest days of my life!" ... You and practically everyone else the Doctor has ever met.

"It's a one storey building. There! Is! No! Upstairs!" ... That just means they didn't get a building consent when they added the second storey. How... usual.

"Perception filter. It's more than disguise. It tricks your memory."

... Wait, did he just answer the phone as "International Rescue"???

"Kiss the girl!" ? There could have been more ridiculous ways of fixing this, but I can't think of any at short notice.

... Well, this is probably the world's quickest re-roofing job...

"Quite the little match-maker, aren't you? Can't you find me a fella?" ... You had one. That Doctor of yours lost him. Remember?
Tags: tv: doctor who

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