Daveosaurus (southerndave) wrote,

Doctor Who night

... It's Van Gogh again? This isn't going to be a clip show, is it? The British don't do clip shows...

... And now it's Churchill again?

"No. And neither are you. Where is he?"


"This is the Royal Collection. And I'm the bloody Queen!"

"I said, off the wrist..."

"Cleopatra will see you now" ... ?

"You graffitied the oldest cliff face in the universe!"
"You wouldn't answer your phone!"

Oh dear. It's Stonehenge. And there's a Cyberman under it. Well, a bit of a Cyberman, anyway.

This is getting rather Indiana Jones...

"Anyone can break in to a prison, but I want to know what I'll find there."

"You said everyone could hear it. So who else is coming?"

Amy really is looking rather useless at the moment. River Song for companion?

They're desperately looking for answers... and Amy's now bothering the Doctor about Rory's ring.

"Does it ever bother you, Amy, that your life doesn't make any sense." Immediately followed by a zap gun going off. Nice timing, Doctor.

"You. Will. Be. Assimilated."
"You and whose body?"

... Hang on, what is Rory doing here?

Shut. Up. Doctor. Rory's trying to tell you something...

"I died. And turned into a Roman. It's very distracting." Not to mention the poor bugger would have had to learn Latin in a bit of a hurry. Ouch.

That was entertaining. A whole lot of aliens faced down by a Doctor without a clue and without a plan. None of them want to be the first penguin off the iceberg.

Oops. River's left the TARDIS handbrake on as well.

Come on, Doctor, you've been calling yourself 900 years old for four or five regenerations now. What's the problem, can't even admit to yourself that you've hit the big one-oh-oh-oh yet?

"Oh, Doctor. Why do I let you out?" Poor River... you can't keep the Doctor out of where he doesn't belong.

"You're flying it wrong!"

... All right, who just turned off the Romans?

... Are they Autons or something? I know they included the Nestenes in the roll-call of aliens. Then again, they also included the Draconians (last seen in about 1972) and the Drahvins (last seen in about 1966 and their episodes never even survived...)

...They're going to feed the Doctor to the Pandorica?

"Only the Doctor can pilot the TARDIS." ... You haven't bothered telling River Song about that, have you?

Because, of course, the safest place to hide the biggest threat to the entire Universe is... right under a major archaeological site. With that sort of intelligence, I'm so surprised the Daleks, Cybermen, Nestenes, Sontarans, etc. etc. haven't managed to conquer the Universe...
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