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I have finally had time to post up the solutions to the guessing game I posted here (q.v.). There are a few additional answers to solutions which aren't instantly obvious, and they are:

Error 3 - The caption on this design was misspelt but was never reprinted with the correct spelling (they replaced the design with a photograph of Mount Ruapehu instead). However the image has shown up elsewhere on the internet, credited to a (correctly spelt) Destination Manawatu. And, to add insult to injury, the version of the photograph on the stamp design includes a (correctly spelt) copyright watermark (clearly visible at lower right, below and to the left of the sheep logo). Oops.

Error 5 - This is so obvious, but it hasn't been fixed (yet), not even on the most recent printing of this series I've seen. It's not unheard of for some of the lettering and captioning on a stamp to be laid out sideways on the design, but in this case even the face value and the logo (which are almost invariably shown upright on stamps from this producer) are sideways.

Error 6 - This was actually correct in the first printing, and was later made incorrect. I expect to see it fixed in reasonably short order, as Napier and Hastings have a bit of a rivalry going and are not interchangeable.

Error 8 - This design also hasn't been fixed yet, but a previously produced stamp showed a correctly oriented photograph taken from a similar angle.

Error 10 - Kaikoura is on the East Coast. There is a West Coast design in that set, but it's a completely different image; the caption and design have been mismatched.
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