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Don't just walk away, don't just turn your back

Well, I was going to write something for the anti-bullying day on the 20th but as I was still all drugged up then so I sort of never got around to it. I also wasn't able to contribute much to another big discussion happening locally: that of the need for a music archive. Locally there's a film archive, that does a lot for preserving old films and assorted ephemera, but there's nothing comparable for the local music industry.

So much important music, even within living memory (even from the 1990s!) is simply no longer available in any format. The worry a lot of people have is that all this music is going to be forgotten. There are important bands of the 1970s and 1980s that have never been released on CD - to name but four: Car Crash Set; Low Profile; Ragnarok; The Body Electric.

As an example, here is a video of one of the missing 1980s bands. This isn't from one of the important ones; it's from a group which was fairly much a one-hit wonder as a side project of musicians who made their name elsewhere (Mark Bell, from Blam Blam Blam, and Andrew Snoid, from Pop Mechanix, are the most notable). This isn't their one-hit, either; it's their third (I think) single, and one which fairly much sank without trace upon release.

So, if you listen to this, and enjoy it, just think: there are literally dozens of musicians, who are even better than this, who have made more important recordings, who are in danger of being forgotten by the public due to their music not being available other than expensive, hard to find second-hand vinyl records.
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