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Those of you reading this from locations elsewhere in New Zealand may recall the late, possibly lamented television show "UChoose40". The idea behind this weirdly named show appeared to have been to select a subject, then to take votes on the forty most appropriate music videos to accompany that subject. An interesting concept, which failed to fire more often than not due most probably to most of the voters being Youngsters Who Really Should Get Off My Lawn.

Over the past few months a tradition had developed amongst a bunch of us to settle down in front of the computer on a Saturday night and heckle the choices played on the TV, while the host for the evening liveblogged the countdown as it happened. We have decided not to let the lack of the show on TV stop us from settling down and watching videos on a Saturday; instead, I present to you the new Live Journal community: wechoose40

So far, the casual observer can do one or more of the following:
Watch the most recent countdown: Best and Worst Covers;
The previous countdown: Non-hits by One Hit Wonders;
Vote for songs about characters;
Choose songs about colours; or
If all else fails, read the instructions.

There are some other traditions developing, such as the unofficial "all countdowns must contain at least one Kate Bush song" rule; and viewers should perhaps be warned that we are apparently a bunch of Cracked Monkeys, which appears to be Modern Speak for us being a bunch of rather unwell little budgerigars. There is a distinct New Zealand bias in the song selections currently, which is more an indication of where a large number of us call home than any deliberate attempt at scaring off the rest of the world; on the contrary, residents of the rest of the world are more than welcome to join up and join in.
Tags: internet: wechoose40, spamming my friends, tv: uchoose40
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