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Doctor Who night

For new readers: this is basically a quick summary of thoughts and jottings-down of memorable lines while watching tonight's episode of Doctor Who. The episode in question being the season opener, The Impossible Astronaut.

As a Certain Lady has been known to warn characters in this show: Spoilers.

"It's like he's being deliberately ridiculous." ... Yes, that's the Doctor.

"She says she's going to some planet called... America?"

"Space. 1969." This sounded more than usually predictable for the show.

"1103? You were 900 the last time I saw you." "And you've put on a couple more pounds. I wasn't going to mention it."

"I thought I'd never get done saving you."

... That isn't one of the Ambassadors of Death is it?

Poor River. Stuck on a plastic-age planet and all out of ammo.

So the Doctor's as dead as a doornail, and River's got the gasoline. How's he going to get out of THIS one?

The rest of them are talking about the numbers on the back of the envelopes. I'm more interested in what the stamps are.

"I'm the King of O.K. ... That's a rubbish title. Forget it."

"You're my second choice, Mr. Delaware." "That's OK. You're my second choice for president, Mr. Nixon."

"River, have you got my scanner working yet?" "... I hate him."

It looks like people who see the aliens seem to be forgetting them as soon as they're no longer looking at them. Odd.

"What's that?" "It's my phone." I'm surprised that nobody is making a Max Smart joke right about now.

"On no account follow me into this box and close the door behind you."

"It's ... bigger on the inside." "You get used to it."

"So, we're in a box which travels through time and space... How long have Scotland Yard had this?"

"Be careful." "I tried that once. It was ever so dull."

"It's locked. How's a girl going to resist."

Starting off the series with a two-parter... that is not nice, Mr. Moffat.
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