Daveosaurus (southerndave) wrote,

Doctor Who night

So it's going to be a Pirate Episode tonight.

That entrance was actually rather predictable. Well done, but still predictable.

This business about it being The Curse of the Black Spot must mean the spot on the guy's hand. Not the old Telecom mascot.

Amy with a sword. Has anyone let Megan know about this?

Amy also seems to know how to use the sword. When did she ever have time to learn swordfighting?

"It usually turns them into fools." *looks at Rory* Yes. I see.

Wait, tonight's Big Bad is Marrina from the The Avengers comics?

"A green, singing, shark in an evening gown."

"She's the most beautiful thing I've ever seen." "... Oh no she isn't!" Go Amy.

This is actually beginning to remind me just a little bit of The Horror of Fang Rock. Ten minutes into the show and half the cast have already taken up a second career of daisy pushing.

"Remember, if you get an itch, don't scratch too hard."

"Wheel. Telescope. Astrolabe. Compass. A ship's a ship."

"You don't know how to fight with a cutlass, boy." "I don't need to." ... Tough little bugger.

"TARDIS runs off on its own. That's a new one."

"This is the treasure of the Moghul of India!" "Oh. For a moment I thought it was yours." Just a bit sarcastic today, are we, Doctor?

... All right. That was odd. The woman with an eye patch. This must be some sort of foreshadowing / running sub-plot because I can't see as how it has anything to do with the main story.

"Ever looked in a mirror and thought it was a whole other world? This time, it isn't illusion." ... Something like that anyway, forgot the exact wording while I was scribbling frantically.

It's the skull of... what? A Silent?

... Wait, it's a holo-Doc? Someone ought to teach her how to say "Please state the nature of your medical emergency". Or maybe even "Are you my mummy?"

"Why do I have to be the one to save you?" "Because I know you'll never give up."

"Of course, if you muck it up, I'm going to be very cross. And dead."

* * *

One thing that really struck me about this episode - particularly the denouement - is that it's very close to being a repeat of The Empty Child / The Doctor Dances. Sure, it's got pirates instead of soldiers, and rigging instead of barrage balloons, but both of them are basically "highly advanced automated medical technology goes all The Sorcerer's Apprentice on everyone".
Tags: television: doctor who
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