Daveosaurus (southerndave) wrote,

Doctor Who night

These costumes look equal parts biohazard suits and some sort of mediaeval type armour.

That guy there has got a fairly serious Scottish accent...

"This body costs money, luv..." All right, that is weird. Are these people all avatars or something?

"There are people coming. Almost." "Almost coming?" "Almost people."

"You said it could grow. Only living things grow."

Interesting variation of meaning of the word "ganger".

Also an interesting seriously scientific measuring tool the Doctor has, there. I presume it is just a coincidence that it closely resembles a little snow globe.

What's making this episode rather confusing is the "solar storm" they're just having. Why not use something that actually resembles a real-world meterological event?

"For want of a better word: owwww."

So it looks like the Doctor's fallen in with a bunch of newly intelligent gangers that didn't realise they were gangers - until now.

"My name is Jennifer Lucas. I'm not a factory part."

"Where's the real Jennifer?" ... Way to put your foot in it, Rory.

"Trust me," says the vat. It's fairly obvious that this is going to be another Doctor... which means that the cliffhanger to this episode doesn't actually work as well as it should have. It's still got drama, but it now lacks the element of surprise.

Overall this episode had some interesting ideas and themes but they were spread a little bit too thinly among the plot. And there was a lot of running down corridors. Much better realised corridors than most of the classic show managed to achieve, but still, while this story would have been fast-moving enough for the classic series, it's just a little bit slow for the reimagined series.
Tags: tv: doctor who
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