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Doctor Who night

Fairly major spoilers under the cut this time. Note that what's in these comments are fairly much my thoughts as I was watching the episode (and transcribed a bit later with the usual attendant errors and difficulties in reading my own handwriting). This will become important later.

For a moment there I thought they were calling the episode "Demon's Run". It wasn't until a bit later on that it was explained that it was the location that the story's taking place in.

So Amy's got a child called Melody. That's rather sudden.

Those uniforms really do look rather military. Is this some sort of future UNIT or something?

So Amy's just stopped being Flesh, and Rory is fairly much Schroedinger's Auton. They do make a good pair...

"What is the Doctor's message?" *KABOOM* "Would you like me to repeat the question?"

"We're the thin fat gay married Anglican Marines. We don't need names as well."

"He said 'run'." "Just 'run'?" "He said it a lot."

"Jack the Ripper has claimed his last victim." "How did you find him?" "Stringy."

"This is the day he finds out who I am." ... Interesting. Probably not going to be my theory though (Amy's baby).

"I admire your courage. I would prefer to admire it from afar."

"The Doctor is a living, breathing man. And we're sure as hell going to fix that!" ... Yeah, you and a million other tin-pot dictators.

"They can never be..." "Surprised!" ... Now that is a classic Doctor entrance.

"We are not fools. We are not fools." Keep on telling yourself that, and maybe you'll even believe it...

"Good men do not need rules. Today is not the day to find out why I have so many."

"Melody Pond." "Williams. Melody Williams." "... Is a geography teacher. Melody Pond is a superhero."

"Is there anything you're not telling us?"

"Human plus. Specifically: human plus timelord." ... HUH?

"They became what they were through exposure to the continuum."

"Could this child have begun in the Vortex?"

"Oh, dear god. That's the attack prayer!"

"I have always dreamed of dying in combat ... It's not as much fun as I had hoped."

And as for The Big Revelation Moment: I didn't get around to scribbling down any notes because I was that surprised. Not so much for the revelation itself, but because I'd actually guessed something correctly for a change.

Now all we need is for Rory to glare at the Doctor and point out "That's my daughter you're flirting with"...

What's most notable about this episode (apart from The Big Spoiler) is what had been going on in the background before it ever happened. Never mind the usual timelord stuff, I'd like to see more of The Adventures of The Silurian I Didn't Catch the Name Of and her Plucky Sidekick running around late Victorian London taking on the usual villains with what appear to be Japanese swords. That couple of characters could really do with being revisited.
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