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One of those interview thingys is doing the rounds again

Comment with "me me me" and:
- I'll respond by asking you five questions so I can get to know you better.
- Update your journal with the answers to the questions.
- Include this explanation in the post and offer to ask other people questions.

meganbmoore asked me these ones:

1. Who is your favorite Doctor?

Probably the second one (the original second one, that is: Patrick Troughton, who played the part from 1966 to 1969). Although it's quite difficult for me to pick favourites from most of them; most of them are at least watchable, and on any random day I could be thinking of the third, fourth, seventh, ninth or tenth as a favourite Doctor. It's difficult.

2. What comics are you following these days? Are you planning to check out the reboots of CrossGen properties?

Actual reading of floppy comics has fallen fairly much by the wayside in the last few years (serious time / workload / space invader issues have fairly much made it impossible to catch up on how behind I've got). I'm trying to read the actual TPBs I pick up though... most of which are also produced as web comics, which makes it a bit easier to keep track of them (it's less troublesome to hunt down an RSS feed than it is to hunt around in bags of comics for a particular issue). The ones I'm particularly making a point of having in hardcopy are Digger, Freak Angels and Paradigm Shift As for the Marvel Crossgen relaunches, so far I have ordered every single comic that they've put out. In all that time, those bozos at Diamond have deigned to ship to my local comic book store one (1) of the comics: the third (I think) issue of Sigil. Which I won't be reading until I get the first and second (I do not appreciate having to read things in the wrong order). So if Marvel stomp on the Crossgen relaunch due to not meeting sales targets, or anything like that, the blame can be firmly and squarely pointed at Diamond.

3. What is your favorite song from your favorite band?

This is even harder to choose than a favourite Doctor. There are only eleven Doctors to choose from, but the total number of songs recorded by Split Enz is well into triple digits. Hmmm... today it may as well be Semi Detached. Here it is, if you're interested (don't let the slow start put you off: once it kicks into gear, at about the 3:15 mark, it's really something worth listening to).

4. What is the worst Doctor Who spinoff book?

As far as I'm concerned, it's Zamper, by Gareth Roberts. Other books have worse reputations (Neil Penswick's The Pit is regularly claimed as the worst ever by people who've actually read it) and some of the 1970s novelisations of TV serials have little or no creative spark involved in their production (I think that at one point the series script editor churned out about eight of them in one year, along with all his other work) but they're at least novelisations of stories that have been through the BBC script quality control bigwigs. The New Adventures (of which Zamper was one) had little or no quality control, and in a few cases it showed very markedly. Zamper's main flaw wasn't in the writing so much as its structure: it may as well have been two halves of two completely diffent books (which would not have been even remotely compatible in tone). The last third of the book came from nowhere and effectively junked all the characters and world-building which had been introduced up to that point. So why even bother?

5. Are you still watching anime?

... I probably would be if I had time and if I had anything to watch it on. In between exploding television sets, failing aerials and a computer DVD/Rom drive that will only play American DVDs, I've had little or no chance to watch anything. (I've only even been able to watch Who by actually going away and visiting people who are likely to be watching it, while it's on). Apart from things I've already seen part or all of, I've also got a number of DVDs to watch once I'm able to do much watching again: Berserk, Spice and Wolf, Akira, Princess Mononoke and Cowboy Bebop are ones that looked interesting enough at the time someone was actually selling the DVDs (even if I don't remember just why any more... some of them I've had for a few years now). I'll try to get back to reviewing things some time in the indeterminate future. I hope.
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