Daveosaurus (southerndave) wrote,

Ghoul of the year award

The inaugural Dave's Blog "Ghoul of the Year Award" goes to someone signing off as "Marlys Hardcastle, Five Rivers" in today's newspaper.

The background: One of the victims of this week's mass murder in Norway was a 14 year old girl who had been born in New Zealand. Most people who knew her or her family have been appalled and disgusted at what happened. (No, not a lot of people have actually said much about it. Until today we've probably mostly been "too angry to speak about it").

Not so this "Marlys Hardcastle". According to her (I will assume for the sake of this post that the letter is a genuine contribution published under someone's real name, which seems to me to be a female name) this 14 year old child was a "New Zealand spy" who had been "trained from birth" to be an agent.

Further into her diatribe, it seems she's been drawing an equivalence between the presence of this girl (whose family left New Zealand many years ago and who, by the girl's surname, seem to have been Norwegian anyway) and an incident several years ago when a cell of foreign spies were expelled from New Zealand after having been caught red-handed forging New Zealand passports.

Whatever. Trying to ghoulishly use this incident as an excuse to push a personal barrow - especially so within a week of the mass murders - is the sort of unspeakable behaviour which should see this person unwelcome in any reputable company.
Tags: fuckwits
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