Daveosaurus (southerndave) wrote,

Dragon it out for the last time...

I'm planning heading up north at the crack of dawn tomorrow (or, more likely, crawling away at about midday), and might not be back until fairly late on Saturday night depending on how busy the roads are. Therefore I'd better type this out now. As there are a decent number of people watching this journal who have at least some interest in great big flappity lizard things with bad breath, I'll let everyone know that the final episode in the current series of We Choose 40, scheduled to play Some Time Saturday If Everybody Isn't Watching The Next Instalment Of The Falklands War Down At Wherever The New Stadium Is, has, as its subject matter, Dragons.

The voting form for this episode is still up here. Hopefully before I leave there will be a tie-breaker voting form up as well, but considering how warped my musical tastes are, any absence of my contribution from the tie-breakers would probably make the final show better.

Anyway, back when they were still taking nominations, I completely forgot about this song. So I may as well annoy everyone with it now. And maybe see if anyone's interested in watching the final show...

Tags: internet: we choose 40, music: herbs
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