Daveosaurus (southerndave) wrote,

Doctor Who night

"You have to do The Thing, mum." I've read enough Digger that the first thing I thought of at that line of dialogue was Boneclaw Mother doing The Thing.

Some little kid is saying "Please save me from the monsters" and it is getting picked up in the TARDIS. Am I the only one thinking something blasphemous right about now?

Rory and Amy getting eaten by the lift? That's a new one.

Old lady getting eaten up by a pile of rubbish bags? That's also a new one. Now, if it was a wheelie bin, there'd be a precedent...

"It's just a cupboard". Famous last words. Oh Doctor...

And now we add more things to the repertoire of Things That The Sonic Screwdriver Does. Looks to be some sort of universal remote control.

"You're not from social services, are you?" ... Very perceptive, there...

That was a hungry carpet.

... If Claire can't have children, then what is George? (And that I had to ask "what" instead of "who" shows that I've possibly been watching too much Doctor Who lately).

So who are the monsters? Anyone who threatens George's world view?

"Panic... now."

"How can it be bigger in here?"
"More common than you think."

Now Amy has somehow been converted into one of those creepy large-scale dolls. Wonder how that works.

"He's fine."
"What? Just like that?"
Oh, Claire. If only you knew...
Tags: tv: doctor who
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