Daveosaurus (southerndave) wrote,

Doctor Who night

The one I'm probably going to end up always referring to "Doctor Who and the Invasion of the Stigs".

"Time's going wobbly. I hate it when that happens."

So they have gone to the right place. They've just ended up in quarantine.

"A small act of vandalism. No-one will mind... And that's the small-act-of-vandalism alarm."

"How do I look?"
"Glasses are cool."

And the Stigs, they are multiplying.

So it looks like whatever cage that is that Amy is hiding in, is somehow opaque to the Stigs.

"Eyes front, soldier!"

... Well, that's a quick and easy way of disarming a couple of Stigs: get them to touch each other.

"You didn't save me!"
"This is the saving!"

"Where did you get a sonic screwdriver?"
"I made it."

I must say that Amy is looking rather good for someone who's pushing 60. Of course, the sword and armour probably helps...

Maybe Amy will realise that 36 years is not that long to wait compared with the couple of thousand years that Rory the Maybe An Auton waited for her...

"You've been crying."
"Woman with a sword. Don't push it."

So throwing away the glasses somehow short circuited something?

"Nothing you can say will change that."
"Three words..."
"Here we are to offer you a bunch of rubbish movies at an excessive price, none of which you actually want to watch, and all you have to do is start funnelling money into Sky TV."
... That was not the best timing for that commercial break...

"Especially if you're bloody-minded, contrary and completely unpredictable."
"If you're Amy, then."

"Two of Amy. Is it possible?"
"It's your marriage."

Why, of all the things they could possibly be thinking of, are they thinking of the Macarena?

"How about Amy One speaks first?"
"Which one's Amy One?"
"Which one's Amy One?"

"Amy, you always say when cooking Christmas dinner that you wish there were two of you..."

"This isn't fair. You're turning me into you."

... Looking at my list of potential user icons, I notice a complete and utter lack of pictures-of-a-woman-waving-a-sword-around-the-place. I must rectify that at some point.
Tags: tv: doctor who
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