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Doctor Who night

Tonight's episode was almost an inversion of the "Doctor Lite" episodes of the last few years. This one's all Doctor, with barely a glimpse of Amy and Rory (who had been so abruptly left behind at the end of the previous episode that I'm surprised their absence even lasted as long as it did).

Anyway. All right, first question. Why would a Cyberman be shopping for clothes? It must be hard to look fashionable when you look like a kettle has nested on your head.

"You've noticed something. You've got your noticing face on."

If they gave out medals for slowness on the uptake then Craig must just about be in the running for gold.

Ten minutes in and still no sign of Amy and Rory. I'm actually surprised their absence has kept on this long.

"Babies are sweet. People talk to you. That's why I have a human along with me."

"A silver rat with glowing red eyes. I wanted one for my nephew, but Stockroom says there's no such thing."

Twenty minutes in and Rory and Amy finally show up.

So it looks like Amy has gone into modelling. But she's not unhealthily thin. How does she cope?

"Is that it? It's quite cute." *vvvvvvvvv* "Aaarrgghh!!"

And now it looks like the Cybermat has gone walkies.

So it looks like the Cybermen are in underground tunnels. Have they allied with the Silurians or something?

A barcode scanner? That's possibly not quite sonic enough...

"You are compatible. You are intelligent." ... I would actually debate one of those points...

... Wait was that it? An influx of emotions made a bunch of Cybermen just blow up? That's almost as silly as gold flakes.

"Even with time travel, getting glaziers on Sunday is tricky."

And as for next episode's teaser... I don't know if I actually ever got around to mentioning it, but I once had this bizarre theory about River Song, and about all the legal trouble that she was in during her first few appearances. They were acting as if she'd killed somebody important, and I was wondering whether it could possibly have been the Doctor...
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