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Doctor Who night

So this was the grand finale (and the one that they'd been saving up their effects budget for).

Someone has gone just a wee bit overboard on the steampunk I think.

"Something has happened to time." And the Obvious Statement Award goes to Emperor Winston Churchill.

Awww, poor little broken Dalek.

"There are no rats in the transept. The skulls eat them."

... It's the skull of one of the Blue Man Group.

"Other worlds. Carnivorous skulls. Talking heads." Are the talking heads singing 'Once in a Lifetime'? Enquiring minds want to know.

The beard suits the Doctor. Still doesn't make him look any older.

And yes, it's River in the astronaut suit. I was still sort of hoping that it was going to be one of the Ambassadors of Death returning to the series for the first time since 1970...

"Hello, sweetie."
"What have you done?"

So, it was River Song who munted time. That's actually a bit more of a surprise.

"Pond. Amelia Pond." Now that's an entrance.

And now Amy's shot the Doctor. That might work at fixing time...

"You look rubbish."
"You look wonderful."

"Can I have an office? I've never had an office before." ... You've got a TARDIS. Stop whinging.

"Every explosion has an epicentre. I'm it. I'm what's wrong."

Everybody is wearing eye patches now. Isn't this the punch line to an old UNIT joke?

And now the Silence have started cracking the glass of their tanks. Whatever took them so long?

"River Song didn't get it all from you, you know. Sweetie."

"Melody Pond. Your daughter. I hope you're proud."

"What am I doing?"
"What you're told."

"I killed Madame Kovarian. In cold blood." ... "I remember it. So I did it."

... Yes, it's obvious that it's not his name he whispered. Too short for one. (I think it's just about the next best thing to canon that his name is noticeably long. Some comment about it being in 38 parts I vaguely recall).

"I'm a head! I have rights!"
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