Daveosaurus (southerndave) wrote,

Doctor Who night

So, it's taken less than a month for the Doctor Who Christmas special to make it this far south. Who knows, one of these days the BBC and / or Prime might discover the wonders of electronic communication and get their TV shows to New Zealand in some way a little less 20th century than flying them over on an airplane...

Running through corridors: not new. Running through corridors while trying to get out of an exploding spaceship: all right, maybe that is a little bit innovative.

... That is a little bit too far out of the atmosphere to try sky diving...

Isn't there a war on? She should be running away from the fallen object, rather than towards it...

"Wrong one. Do you think we could try again?"

"The back door is still - broadly speaking - operational."

"Usually called the Doctor. Or the Caretaker. Or 'Get off this planet!' But that's not, strictly speaking, a name..."

"It's not a phone box. It's my ... wardrobe. I've painted it to look like a phone box."

"Where are we?" "In a forest. In a box. In a sitting room."

"Is that tree alive?" "Of course it's alive. It's a tree."

"This is one of the safest planets I know. There's never anything dangerous here. ... There are sentences I should just keep away from."

"Sir. I think she's a time traveller." "Are you sure it's not her cardigan?"

Androzani Major? Hmm... need to go back and compare notes with my old series DVDs.

"She's strong? I'm... weak?"

"One can't imagine being a forest. And then, suddenly, one can."

"Do what I do. Hold tight and pretend it's a plan."

"Your mother is flying a forest through the time vortex. Be a little impressed."

And of course there's a Tacky Christmas Happy Ending tacked on. At least it's not too badly done.

The very ending almost redeems the tackiness leading up to it... And it's good to see that Amy's still as unusual as ever. Good idea actually, now I think about it: water-pistols and carol-singers, two things that really do go together...
Tags: tv: doctor who

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