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There is a thing going around that wretched Facebook platform that is an attempt to get people to start actually promoting awesome things that their friends are involved in, instead of the usual "Like this if you like my cat being a cat" type of meme. The aim is very laudable, although I'd be a bit less grumpy about life in general if it was actually text instead of a .jpg of nothing but white text on a blue background. Never mind the bandwidth, it's a pain in the proverbial to re-type all that verbiage. But the important points are:
With big media taking all the money AND trying to control the internet, helping your friends get attention is a big thing.


Please, support the little guy. Applaud and celebrate the things your friends make.
Now, finding things worth promoting isn't difficult. The two main excuses not to do so are (1) that I might start annoying people if I promote things too much, and (2) I'll probably miss out someone obvious and piss them off by doing so.

Time to stop making excuses. Anyone in category (1) can make use of their "page down" key and anyone in category (2) can leave a comment promoting themselves, or anyone else they think I've missed out.

(deep breath)

matt_joll's band has a CD out, which is rather good. Band info. and contact details for potential CD purchasers are here, and some of their songs and performances are up on You Tube here.

foenix runs Triskaidekafiles, where he writes entertaining reviews of SF and horror films, of the "gleefully cheap" or "just plain bad" variety.

belgatherial and d_h are largely responsible for the content presentation and behind-the-scenes work at wechoose40, which began as a replacement for the then recently cancelled, entertaining (if somewhat juvenile) television show UChoose40. The basic idea is: Choose a theme, suggest a bunch of songs which vaguely fit the theme, vote on the selections and see where they land. The variety tends to be rather wide; January's theme was "pirates" and the songs chosen included everything from "I am the very model of a modern Major-General" to "C30, C60, C90, Go".

And there's story writers (aeb, paperandglass, bardiphouka, foenix again); artists (grygon, paradisacorbasi, sabrethewolf); more musicians (baphnedia), conlangers (intheologus), editors, reviewers, shared storytellers... and then there are all the insanely creative people whose blogs I read via LJ (e.g. ursulav, or the writer/artist of chaogaogong) or via RSS feed (officialgaiman, opinionatediner)... the list just goes on and on. I'm running out of time to type so will end the list here, but just look around yourself and you'll see creative people who've got more to give to human happiness than all the Justin Biebers or Britney Spearses in the world.

... And now the Category (2) club get their own segment.
belgatherial has an actual published book (under a "real" name, for values of "real" which include "things that bureaucrats call people". "Belgatherial" is as much a real name as the name I write on any envelope I wish to send in such a direction. But I digress). I have checked on Amazon and can confirm. (Actually, according to Amazon, there are two of them. Either two books, or two different Belgatherials).
quietdarkness edits Collector Times, where you can read, among other things generally comic-related to some degree, more of foenix's writing.
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